World of Warcraft frame rate issues

World of Warcraft frame rate issues

World of Warcraft is an online game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The game was designed by Rob Pardo, Jeff Kaplan, and Tom Chilton. The game is available on platforms such as Microsoft Windows and macOS. It is a massive multiplayer game released on November 23rd, 2004 (AUS/NA) and on February 11th, 2005(EU).  If a player has had been playing World of Warcraft on maximum settings such as high and steady FPS, and now faces low and unsteady FPS, then they should know that many people are facing the same trouble. 

Some things that should be kept in mind, before we proceed to try the fixes are, that the user should check their computer, that is whether it is overheated, or clean the dust off the computer. Make sure that applications that are not required should be turned off from the background. And one last thing that the user should do is to keep their device updated. Sometimes if these steps are done then the problem can be fixed but if it still does not work then let us go ahead with advanced methods to solve the problem. 

Let us try some different fixes, the user does not have to try all of these, as one of them might just fix the trouble simply. 

  • If a player is playing on a computer but the GPU settings is not properly set then the player would face frame rate issues on World of Warcraft. To solve this problem, the first thing that the player will have to do is start by typing the Graphics Settings in the Windows search box and click on the graphic settings that come up. In these graphic settings, the player has to choose the desktop app from the list that has dropped down and click on Browse. Then the player will have to search the games directory and add the file WoW.exe, then click on Options, choose the High performance, and tap Save. Then the player can launch the game and go to the system menu, and choose the Advanced tab, later on, the graphics card, then click on the required GPU and tap on Apply. After this is done try and check the FPS in the game of World of Warcraft, and if still the trouble is not solved then we can go ahead with the next fix. 


  • The next is to update the device drivers, the graphic driver is the most important one here, as it matters a lot in the gaming performance of the game. The driver updates have to be checked, in order to fix lags in the game. This can be done by manually changing it through the websites and by downloading the latest driver with the operating system. Whereas it can also be done automatically with the help of Driver Easy. This would make it easy for a person who does not know anything about updating drivers or does not have the time to do so. In order to do this, the user has to download and install the Driver Easy, Start the app, and click on the scan button that shows up on the window. The app will scan the device completing and check for problems in the same. Once the troubles are found, it would show the various updates which would be required to be done, the user has to click on the Update button and then the app will do the updates, it is partly manual. Once this update is done check the game and if it still isn’t resolved then let’s go ahead with the next solution. 


  • As recommended by other gamers DirectX 11 runs the game better and there is no such sudden drop in the FPS, so the player could give this one a try. Firstly, Launch the game and go to the System Menu in the game. Then the user will have to navigate the Advanced tab and choose DirectX 11 which is next to the option of Graphics API.  Then the player has to apply the changes and restart the game, and try. 


  • Another simple fix that the user can try is to turn off the VSync. Vertical Sync is also known as VSync is a very common cause faced by players which troubles the good performance. To turn this off, the user has to launch the game and go to the System Menu. Then go to the Graphics tab and disable the VSync. After doing this the player could check if the game works. 


  • The last fix that can be tried is to disable the Add Ons. If the device has outdated Add Ons it can cause a massive drop in the FPS in the game. The Add Ons have to be turned off to solve this trouble. This can be done simply by launching the game World of Warcraft and press the Esc key on the keypad to access the game menu. Then click on Add Ons and disable it, and try using the game. 

These are all the advanced fixes that can be tried on the device to solve the frame rate issues. One of these might just fix the trouble on your computer.

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