What is the Hyperbolic time chamber and how does it work

What is the Hyperbolic time chamber and how does it work

Hyperbolic Time Chamber is a vast empty dimension located on Kami’s Lookout with a time dilation that speeds up the time in the chamber and thus converts one day outside the chamber into one day inside the chamber. It can be accessed through different doorways. Also referred to as the room of spirit and time (and thus stating its otherworldly power) was used by the Z fighters in the Dragon Ball era to train efficiently and become stronger in a very short duration. The temperature and the gravity of the chamber differ too than the outside world. It is a literal pocket dimension and with the room’s boundaries extending till infinity.

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber has a wooden entrance in the central part of the room with a washroom to clean yourself, a kitchen with a fridge to keep oneself fed and some beds. This entrance acts as a travel portal between the Earth and the chamber. Outside, there is a vast white area that looks like it leads to nothingness, but it is actually said to be the size of the earth.  Also, there are two large dual hourglasses with emerald sand at the sides of the wings that take an entire year to empty in order to show the time duration left in leaving the HTC. There is a clock too on the dome roof of the central building which tells the actual time of the real world. The surroundings in the chamber are always a constant bright iridescent white aurora though there are no days and no nights.

Note that the chamber’s one year is equal to one day in the outside world only when you have entered through the earth’s entrance. This changes if you have entered through another entryway for e.g., the entry that the Galactic Patrol used on an alien planet will make three days inside the chamber equivalent to one day outside.

Though there are no opaque objects other than the door itself the voice of the people talking in the chamber bounces back and echoes. 

What is it used for?

This chamber was designed as a revolutionary new training method. Since a year here is equal to a day in the outside world, a day training for the outside world is actually a year’s training. To make the training environment harsher. The gravity inside HTC is 10x heavier than that of the Earth’s. And as one goes deeper into the training area air gets denser as the air pressure is a quarter of the Earth’s. The temperature in the training area changes rapidly, ranging between -40 °F (-40 °C) to 122 °F (50 °C). Also, as you go further in the massive void, the air grows even denser the thus making it very difficult to breathe than normally it.

Once you have entered through the door, you are in a whole different dimension. Keeping in mind the quantity of the food available usually only two people can survive there though it possible to have more than two inside, however, going alone result in a maddening effect and can harm mental health.

Also, if you wander too far off, you will get lost in the massive void and die. 

Limitations of Hyperbolic Time Chamber

The Chamber has many limitations too.

  1. Can only be used for two days (or two years according to the time inside the chamber) by a particular person.
  2. Once the person has completed two days (or two years according to the time inside the chamber) but didn’t leave, they will not be able to exit, and thus is left inside trapped for ever in the nothingness. It does not allow to anyone else to use the outside door too in such cases.
  3. Here in the chamber, a person’s aging process will be according to the time of the chamber and not according to that of the real world i.e., When someone comes back from their time in the chamber after a year (according to the time of the chamber), they will age older by a year and will lose an entire year of their life in only a single day.
  4. The accommodation facilities are just enough have only two people for a year. 


Now that we talk about the dragon ball series, everyone there had multiple different ways of training. But the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is unique on its own. The conditions there –a heavier gravity, a constant change in environment, compressed time etc, are nowhere to be found. Without certain limitations, HTC could have surpassed every other training method, nevertheless living in HTC is an adventure on its own.

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