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What does other snapchatters mean on Snapchat

On Snapchat, it means that the specific person has you added, but you do not have them added back. If they are coming up under the category of “other snapchatters” when viewing your story, that also means, that meanwhile, you have been unable to view their story since you do not have them added back. Simply click on their Snapchat username when you see their name under “other snap chatters” and select the “add as friend” button indicated in purple.

Many Snapchat users have come across the word “Other Snapchatters” on their story views, which can be perplexing. This is due to the fact that Snapchat did not include any detail about the word, so you might not be familiar with it. The word isn’t mentioned anywhere on the Snapchat Help website, so there are no details there either. Is it possible that the individual has unfriended you on Snapchat? Or is it possible that you’ve been blocked?

‘Other Snapchatters’ means you either didn’t add those people as friends, they unfriended you, or they blocked you on Snapchat. The viewers above “Other Snapchatters,” on the other hand, are mutual friends. Assume you’ve added someone as a friend, and they’ve returned the favor. You then added a story to your Snapchat story. The individual then viewed your story shortly after it was released.

To put it another way, you’re no longer buddies with the Snapchat guy. Their username will be shown on your story viewers’ list. However, if they want to unfriend or block you, their profile will appear under “Other Snapchatters.”If the individual re-adds you, they will be shown as a regular viewer. A brief detailing mentioned below.

What Does “Other Snapchatters” Mean on Snapchat

1. Snapchatters You Haven’t Added

If you don’t add anyone back on Snapchat after they’ve seen your post, they’ll appear under “Other Snapchatters.” People you added (and those who added you) would, on the other hand, be visible in the regular story viewers. One of the reasons you see “Other Snapchatters” in your story viewers is that you didn’t add those users back.

In 2017, a user tagged Snapchat Support in a tweet asking, “What does “other snapchatters” mean on story views?” Snapchat clearly stated that “Other Snapchatters” are Snapchatters who you haven’t added.

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As a result, this supports the idea that “Other Snapchatters” are people you haven’t added back to Snapchat.

2. They Removed You

Second, the users listed under “Other Snapchatters” may have unfriended you on Snapchat. If anyone unfriended you on Snapchat, they will appear in your story viewers under “Other Snapchatters.”

When anyone removes you as a Snapchat buddy, they will no longer appear on your daily story viewers list. Let’s say you added someone on Snapchat and they returned the favor. If anyone has watched your story, they will appear in the list of regular story viewers. If they delete you as a friend, they will be transferred to the “Other Snapchatters” section.

You should check your chat list to see if they’ve deleted you as a friend. If you see a grey arrow or the status “Pending” next to someone’s name on your chat list, it means they excluded you as a friend. As a result, if they delete you as a mate, they will appear in your story viewers under “Other Snapchatters.”

3. You’re Blocked

Finally, the users listed under “Other Snapchatters” may have blocked you on Snapchat. If anyone watches your Snapchat story and then blocks you, they will appear in your story viewers under “Other Snapchatters.” If anyone has blocked you on Snapchat, they will no longer be identified among your regular story viewers. They’ll be listed under “Other Snapchatters” instead.

For example

Created two accounts, one for the main account and the other for the secondary account, and add each other as friends.

Use a secondary account to access a story that had been shared on the primary account.

When looked at the story viewers, it will notice that the secondary account was classified as a regular story viewer.

After that, blocked the main account with the secondary account.

Finally, as checked the main account’s story viewers, and the secondary account was classified under “Other Snapchatters.”

This will show that if anyone blocks you on Snapchat, they will appear in your story viewers under “Other Snapchatters.”However, the person who blocked you must have seen your story first. They won’t be able to see it otherwise. As a result, the individual may have blocked you on Snapchat because they didn’t like your most recent Snapchat story.

Why does it say “Other Snapchatters” but you’re still friends?

If it says “Other Snapchatters,” but you’re still friends on Snapchat, the individual might have blocked you. If Snapchat says “Other Snapchatters,” but you believe you’re still friends with the guy, it’s possible they’ve blocked you. Otherwise, they could have simply deleted you as a friend without your knowledge. There are three ways to find out if anyone on Snapchat has blocked you.

The person will first appear in your story viewers under “Other Snapchatters.”

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