The first lighting of Eddystone Lighthouse

The first lighting of Eddystone Lighthouse

The first lighting of Eddystone Lighthouse was an octagonal wooden structure built by Henry Winstanley. The lighthouse was also the first recorded instance of an offshore lighthouse. Construction started in 1696 and the light was lit on 14 November 1698.

Who constructed The first lighting of Eddystone Lighthouse

Henry Winstanley

Eddystone Lighthouse, beacon, celebrated in people songs and sailors’ legend, remaining on the Eddystone Rocks, 14 miles off Plymouth, England, in the English Channel. The principal beacon (1696–99), worked of wood, was cleared away with its originator, Henry Winstanley, by the extraordinary tempest of 1703.

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When was Eddystone lighthouse built?


The first pinnacle, finished in 1698, was the primary beacon to be based on a little stone in the vast ocean. The primary endeavor to deliver the Eddystone protected to transportation was by an offbeat named Henry Winstanley.

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Who rebuilt the Eddystone lighthouse?

John Smeaton’s

John Smeaton’s commended and powerful stone beacon was initially sited out to the ocean on Eddystone Rocks, 22.5km south of Plymouth. It was destroyed in 1882 and once again raised at Plymouth Hoe in 1884 by William Tregarthen Douglass, child of prominent architect and developer of the current beacon, Sir James Douglass. The first lighting of Eddystone Lighthouse was a masterpiece of architecture.

How many Eddystone lighthouses have there been?

four beacons

There have been four beacons on the Eddystone Rocks. Winstanley (two forms; the second supplanted the highest point of the design), Rudyard, Smeaton lastly the Douglass Lighthouse, which is the current one.

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