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Telegram added new 2.5 crores users in the last 72 hours

Telegram reported on Wednesday that 2.5 crore new users have been added to the messaging app in the last 72 hours. The company has created these new users worldwide. But the highest 38 per cent of users are from Asia. 27 per cent of users come from Europe, 21 per cent latin America, while 8 per cent come from MENA. With this, Telegram crossed the figure of a total of 500 million active users.

The downloads of Telegram have also increased fiercely like Signal after the new WhatsApp policy came in. After the WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, there is a concern among users about data. Users are switching to other messaging platforms that are more secure and private. Elon Musk has also asked for migration from Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

According to sensor Tower’s report, the number of signal and Telegram downloads in India increased to 40 lakh after the change in whatsApp policy. Signal took the lead in the race and achieved the top spot with about 2.3 million new downloads between January 6 and January 10. Telegram has achieved 1.5 million new downloads in this period.

In view of the increasing number of new users, Pavel Durov of Telegram said that people do not want to take free services in lieu of their privacy. He said that the growth is very significant compared to the previous year, while 1.5 million users are signing up every day. We have already seen an increase in the number of downloads while protecting user privacy during the 7 years. Powell further said that with 500 million active users and continued growth, Telegram has become the largest communication platform to show commitment to privacy and security. We are very serious about this responsibility and we will not disappoint you.

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