Solved: error of “ps4 error ce-32809-2”

Solved: error of “ps4 error ce-32809-2”

When a user tries to launch a game or application on their PS4 they encounter the Error CE-32809-2. It occurs with both physically purchased games as well as with the media in the device. There are different reasons due to which this trouble occurs on the device. Here are some reasons due to which this trouble might be caused: 

  1. Inconsistent Firmware – A very common trouble caused due to the long non-usage of the game, because of which the console believes that the game rights are not with you. If the user faces this trouble, they can do a quick fix by restarting the console, which might help in fixing the problem. 
  2.  The glitch in Firmware – If this problem of firmware glitch is seen in one’s device, then it is possible that it is just a minor glitch caused after the unexpected shutdown of the machine or due to more system files. This issue can be solved by power cycling the console, it might help to get the trouble treated. 
  3. Verification of license not possible on the PS4 – The trouble with the verification of license on the device might be caused due to the internet network issue or minor trouble in the Server which would not allow the console to verify the license. To fix this issue would be set Account of PS4 for the user PSN account. 
  4. Inconsistency in Licensing – The problem caused due to the licensing inconsistency has been reported by many users, which is stating that the PlayStation is not allowing access to a digital purchase of choice. In this situation, the user could try and fix the issue by restoring the license from the Account Management menu.
  5. PS4 corrupted database – This is a problem that cannot be fixed just by trying to restore the license. In case if the trouble is in the game OS files then one thing that can be done is to rebuild the database, it can be done so from the Recovery menu in the PS4. 
  6.  Underlying system File corruption – this issue might occur due to the failed jailbreak attempt in the game, which might be in a kernel-level file and become corrupted. This trouble can be fixed by doing an advance backup of the data and initialization of the console through the Recovery Menu. 

The solutions for the errors are as follow: 

Solution 1: Console Restarting 

To start from solving this issue, the user could simply start by restarting the Play station 4 consoles. This technique has been tried by many users and it has proved to be successful, to solve the CE-32809-2. Restarting the console to deal with the license issue would force the OS to go through the applications and game licenses, by the next start-up of the issue the trouble will be resolved. To restart the PS4 the user has to simply press and hold on the PS button on the user’s controller and from the window that has appeared then have to choose the Restart PSS4 option from the Power Options menu. Once the restart has been launched the user has to wait for the start-up to get completed, and once it is completed the user can launch the game or the application and check if the problem has been resolved or not. 

Solution 2: Power Cycling the Console 

Many a time, this issue has been caused due to the inconsistency in the OS brought in by the corrupted data, created due to some unexpected interruption in the system, or due to some problematic update. Many of the users have confirmed that their issue has been solved with this solution, so we can look up this solution without much procedure. 

How to initiate a power cycling procedure on the PlayStation 4? The user has to begin by checking the console, the console has to be turned off and not in a hibernation mode. Then the user has to start the console and press and hold the power button on their console, till the back fans of the console shut and the user hears the sound of it. This would make the console shut down in 10 seconds. To know whether the console has shut down the user can listen to the 2 beeps that sound when shutting down, on the 2nd beep the user can stop pressing the power button. Once the user has made sure that the power is shut down from the console, he or she has to disconnect the power cable from the outlet and wait for about 30 seconds before plugging it back in. After 30 seconds connect the power cable and restart the console and wait for the complete start-up to get set. Now the user can check by repeating the action which had caused the Error CE-32809-2. 

Solution 3: Console to be set as the Primary PS4 

This is common trouble caused due to the console believing that the user does not have the right to play the game or run the application which might be triggering the issue. It mostly occurs with the digitally purchased media on the device. The user can sort the trouble by fixing the problem from the Settings menu on the console and by activating the option of making the device the Primary PS4 from the Account Management option on one’s account.

How to make your console the Primary PS4? Here are the instructions to do so, In the Dashboard of the user’s PS4, firstly the user has to go to the settings from the menu on the top. In the Settings, the user will have to access Account Management. There Activate as primary PS4 has to be selected, and then confirm to activate the initiation of the procedure. But if is it already set to Activate the Primary PS4, then the user should first deactivate it and then restart the device, and return to this menu and activate it. After completing this task, the user has to restart their device and check if the problem is fixed. 

Solution 4: License Restoration 

If none of the above-mentioned solutions does not work then the user has to know that the trouble is a persisting License issue. This solution of Restoring the license has been tried by many users and it has worked out for them. It has proved to be one of the most effective procedures to solve the problem, and the trouble has only been faced by the digitally purchased media. The user can follow this certain solution to restore the license on the PS4 console by first beginning from the main dashboard. Go to the menu on the top to find their way to the life-hand side to select the settings. In the settings, the user has to select the Account Management Menu by pressing the X button on the keypad to access it. In the Account Management menu, the user has to select the Restore license by pressing the X button. The final step is to confirm the restoration by clicking on the Restore button and wait for the procedure to be completed and the license to get restored. Once the restoration is complete, the user can start by restart their console and see if the problem has been resolved. 

Solution 5: Database Rebuilding 

If any one of the solutions has worked out for the user, then the last thing that the user is left to do is to rebuild their database in the PS4. This has solved the trouble of many users without much ado and could access their purchase, without the PS4 CE-32809-2 ERROR. The procedure of rebuilding would solve the troubles of license inconsistencies as it would resolve the same, it would also help in resolving or fixing certain corrupted data trouble in the device. This process is like clearing the trouble from the device completely. If the files in the device are corrupted then the data might be lost in order to clean out the corrupted data from the device. This procedure can only be done in the Safe mode, so the user has to put the device on a safe mode before doing this. 

Firstly, the user has to turn off the console if it is turned on by pressing the PS button on the console. By accessing the Power option from the menu and select the Turn Off PS4. The user should wait for a minute, in order to let the device, turn off completely. That is by holding the power button till he or she hears the 2 beeps. At the 2 beeps, the person has entered the Safe mode. The next step is to connect to the DualShock 4 Controller with the help of a USB Cord. Once the connection is done the user has to scroll down in the options available on the screen and choose the 5 options to rebuild the database, by pressing the X button to initiate the process. Once the operation is complete, the process might take time to complete based on the space or technology in the device. It might take hours as well as minutes to complete. After the completion, the user has to restart and check. 

Solution 6: PS4 Initializing 

The last fix that the user can try is to perform the process of initializing the PS4 console, to resolve the Error CE-32809-2. But one thing that the user has to keep in mind is that the process would clear out all the data from the device including the game data and saved data, that might be currently stored in the PS4. Just so that the user does not lose all the data from his pr her device we have added some steps to make sure that the data is stored properly and safely. 

The first thing that the user has to do is to have logged into the PSN account where all the relevant data of the game has been stored. The use the main dashboard in order to access the Settings Menu. In this Settings menu, go to the Application Saved Data Management menu, select the Saved Data in it. The user needs to have a PS Plus subscription in order to back up the data in the Cloud server. Then go to Upload to Online Storage, from the options in the list. But if the user does not have a PS Plus subscription, they can try the Copy to USB Storage Device instead. The next is to click on the options button on the controller and Choose Multiple Applications and go ahead to choose all the relevant h=gamed saved that the user wants. After the selection is done, choose the Upload or Copy option which will start the copying of the data to the cloud to the flash drive. On completion of the process. The power has to be turned off of the PS4. After it has been shut down completely the user has to enter the recovery menu and connect to the USB-A cable, then choose the Initialize PS4 option. Finally, the user has to confirm the action 

Once all of these solutions are done the user should try by doing the action because of which the Error CE-32809-2 had occurred, and check for the problem has resolved. If by any chance none of the solutions work out for the user, then he or she would have to go for professional help. 

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