Solved: Chrome has stopped working Android

Solved: Chrome has stopped working Android

A situation arises and you are working on your device for an important meeting that is scheduled in an hour, and for some references, you open Chrome and find it gives you an error message saying “Unfortunately chrome has stopped”. You try and restart the app, and try by restarting your device as well, and yet the chrome shows the same message again and again, and then you fume in frustration and anger. Thinking as to what is wrong with your device. Let us help you find the right solutions to tackle this issue. 

Some most common reasons as to why Chrome is not working on an android can be when the device is not updated or the app is not updated if other apps are constantly working in the background, if the operating system has trouble and if a third-party app is in use. The user can start by correcting these issues on his or her device. To begin with: 

Restart your device: The first fix that the user could do is to restart the complete device, when you long-press the shutdown button, the smartphone will show you two options one will be to shut down the other would be to restart, click on the restart and let the smartphone take its time to fix all the minor glitches and troubles in the phone. Once this whole process of restarting is complete, the user can go and check the browser on whether the issue has been fixed or not. If the problem has been solved then there is no need to do any other fixes, if it’s still not working out then the user can try the next fix to tackle the situation. 

Clearing all the apps working in the background: Keeping apps running in the background even when the use with it is over, can make the phone run slowly, cause trouble with lagging in the smartphone. Apps running in the background can also cause chrome to crash, so it is better to shut the apps once the use is done instead of keeping it running in the background. After you do this, you could check if the trouble is fixed. If it is still not fixed, then you can look up the next fix. 

Update Chrome: People have a tendency to not update the app when the notification comes up asking the app to be updated, instead they mark it for later. This can be one reason why the app does not respond, so the user could go to the settings, and search for the system update, when you find it click on the available and wait for the app to be updated, and after it is updated try starting the app and use it. 

Un-install and Re-install Chrome: These are very simple steps to fix chrome. Firstly, go to the phone’s settings. In the settings, there would be an option known as Apps. Once you click on the “Apps”, you will find the option to “Un-install” the app. The user will have to click on the uninstall, a warning sign might pop up asking “are you sure you want to uninstall the chrome browser?”, the user will have to click on the “Ok” option and let the app get uninstalled from the device. After this is complete the user will have to go to the Google App Store and search for Chrome Browser then install it again onto the device. After this is done, the user can try opening the app and check if chrome is working properly.  

Opening in safe mode: This can be done by long-pressing the power button, when the logo of the device’s company shows up, remove your finger from the shutdown button and press on the volume, this would put it on the safe mode. Once this is done check if the browser starts to work again properly. 

These are the ways through which the chrome can be made right from the not working situation. There are also the options to clear the data and caches from chrome and removing the third-party applications which could contribute to making the app work in its original version. If in case none of the above-mentioned fixes do not work on the device then it would be right to get professional help for the issue. 

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