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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series Gets Android 11 Update, Know What’s Special

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series got good news for users. The company has started rolling out the latest Android 11 update for smartphones in this series. According to Sammobile’s report, the company has released updates for Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 + and Note 10 + 5g. The firmware version number of updates released for 4G variants is N97xFXXU6ETLL. The version number of updates to the 5g model is N976BXXU6ETLL.

Security Patch for December 2020

The update is now reaching users of some European countries. It will reach global users in the coming few days. The main point of the update is that the company is also giving a security patch of December 2020. Samsung has been updating its flagship smartphones with One UI 3.0 since early December. It started with the Galaxy S20 series and is now getting the second devices of the year 2020.

Also getting one UI 3.0 features

A number of new features are being added to the device after the update to the Galaxy Note 10 series. It is offering updated features such as company bubbles, media control, better mission management and organization notifications. With this update, the company is also offering features of Galaxy Note 10 series devices with One UI 3.0.

Rollout halted due to initial bug

Samsung announced its One UI 3.0 beta (Android 11) at the launch of the Galaxy Note series in August this year. After the initial developer built, it was also released to galaxy Note 10 as well as other devices, but it had to be stopped sometime later due to a large bug.

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