Richard Jones (the feeling)

Richard Jones (the feeling)

Richard Jones (the feeling), Richard Jones is a British songwriter, music producer, and founding member of the British rock band The Feeling. Richard Jones’s genres are rock, pop, soft rock, and power pop.

Who is Richard Jones (the feeling):

Jones went to the BRIT School in Croydon. He refers to Paul McCartney and John Deacon among his persuasions. He additionally appreciates Jaco Pastorius and James Jamerson for their “detail”.

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He wedded British pop star Sophie Ellis-Bextor on 25 June 2005 in Italy. Together the couple have four children, Sonny Jones, brought into the world in April 2004, Kit Valentine Jones, brought into the world in February 2009, and Ray Holiday Jones, conceived 25 April 2012. On 4 November 2015 Richard and Sophie had a fourth child Jesse. Before they turned into a couple, Jones visited as an individual from Ellis-Bextor’s band in 2001-2003 to advance her 2001 collection Read My Lips. An April 2002 show from Shepherd’s Bush Empire including Jones was delivered on DVD as Watch My Lips. He likewise shows up habitually on a reward highlight on the DVD, a video journal about existence out and about during the visit.

What band is Richard Jones from?

Richard Jones (the feeling) is from The Feeling.

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How did Sophie Ellis-Bextor meet her significant other?

Richard Jones, 40, is from East Sussex and is most popular as the low register guitar player with British musical crew The Feeling. He went to the BRIT school in Croydon and initially met Sophie Ellis-Bextor in 2002 during her visit for collection Read My Lips.

Who is Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s significant other?

Richard Jones (the feeling).

Who is the lead vocalist of the inclination?

The Feeling frontman Dan Gillespie-Sells has scrutinized gay superstars who are not publically out, saying that their refusal to open up with regards to their own lives makes them ‘a contributor to the issue’ of sexual disparity in the public eye.

Richard Jones (the feeling) acted in the end function of the 2012 Olympic Games on 12 August 2012 with Ed Sheeran, Nick Mason and Mike Rutherford.