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PUBG Mobile India launching today? Here’s the full details of the game’s launch

The mobile gaming app FAU-G, which emerged as an alternative to PUBG games, will be launched on 26th January i.e. Republic Day. However, earlier PUBG Mobile India has reported the launch today. Earlier also, there were reports of PUBG Mobile India launching, which was later rejected. Once again, the news of the game’s launching has picked up. Let us know how much truth is there in the news of the launch of PUBG Mobile India game.

Game to be launched between January 15 and 19

PUBG Mobile announced the launch of a special PUBG Mobile India gaming app for India last year when the central government banned PUBG Mobile games in view of India’s security concerns. However, the game is likely to be launching this month. A trailer video of PUBG Mobile was leaked on Youtube, which was later deleted. The game was reported to have been launched between January 15 and January 19.

However, no official launch date has been announced on behalf of PUBG Mobile India at present. The teaser of the game on behalf of PUBG Mobile has been posted on the official Indian Instagram handle, which says all new PUBG Mobile coming to India. Local needs have been taken into account in the new gaming app, the company said. It will have new characters, green hit effects instead of red as well as ground setting options. However, no official information on PUBG Mobile game launching is available on behalf of the company. The news of the launch of PUBG Mobile India gaming on the online platform is fictitious.

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