Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark

Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark

Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark was the greek by birth and also the Denmark princess. Princess Sophie was the fourth of five children of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg.

Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark:

Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark (Greek: Σοφία, romanized: Sofía; 26 June 1914 – 24 November 2001) become by start a Greek and Danish princess in addition to Princess of Hesse-Kassel and Princess of Hanover through her successive marriages to Prince Christoph of Hesse and Prince George William of Hanover.

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Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark is maximum famous for being the grandmother of King Constantine II of Greece.

Is Princess Sofia of Greece and Denmark associated with Prince Philip?

First marriage and settling in Germany

In 1927, Sophie met one among her distant cousins, Prince Philipp of Hesse-Kassel.

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How old is Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark?

87 years (1914–2001)

What happened to Princess Alice’s daughters?

In November 1878, the Grand Ducal family fell ill with diphtheria. Alice’s eldest daughter Victoria turned into the first to fall sick, complaining of a stiff neck inside the nighttime of five November. Diphtheria become diagnosed the subsequent morning, and shortly the disease spread to Alice’s children Alix, Marie, Irene, and Ernest.

Why become Princess Alice of Battenberg buried so past due?

According to The New York Times, the delay was due to a religious dispute that arose from the princess identifying as Greek Orthodox, at the same time as the grand duchess’s grave was placed inside the Russian Orthodox Church of St Mary Magdalene.

What faith is the Spanish royal family?

Queen Sofia of Spain, who served as the Queen consort at some point of her husband’s reign from 1975 to 2014, previously belonged to the Greek Orthodox Church. But after her matrimonial union with King Juan Carlos I, she converted to Catholicism, which is likewise the faith observed by way of the mass majority of the Spanish populace.

Where is the Greek royal family of relatives now?

Crown Prince Pavlos and his spouse are presently living with their youngsters in a massive apartment on Madison Avenue in New York.

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