MoviesBaba 2021 – Download HD Bollywood Movies, Hindi Web series

MoviesBaba 2021 – Download HD Bollywood Movies, Hindi Web series

In recent times, several torrent movie streaming and downloading sites have become extremely popular among viewers. MoviesBaba is one of them. With this pirated platform, viewers can download and stream their desired content anytime, anywhere.

MoviesBaba hosts a plethora of contents like Tamil movies, Punjabi Movies, Telegu web series, Hindi dubbed movies and web series, English movies and so much more. Its vast collection of movies, web series, trailers, documentaries, videos are collected from Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional film industries.

If you are looking for the best site for entertainment, MoviesBaba is surely the one for you. It hosts multiple Hindi movies and web series, covering various genres like comedy, thrillers, science fiction, drama, romance whatnot. Such a diverse and rich collection of contents highly enriches user’s movie streaming experience. One can also find several interesting and out of the box documentaries on this site.

Additionally, MoviesBaba also uploads the famous award functions that are aired on television channels. So if you have missed any of your favorite programs or functions on television, you can easily stream them in high definition on MoviesBaba.

With its huge collection of varied content, the site allows users to stream and download them in their preferred format and language. Hence, MoviesBaba is undoubtedly the perfect site for an amazing self-time or family time.

Quality of MoviesBaba site 

As we already mentioned, MoviesBaba ensures good quality entertainment, never compromising on the video and audio quality. No matter what type of content you decide to stream or download, you can do so in high definition. Besides offering content in 1020p, the site also offers them in 320p, 480p, 720p, and so on.

Not just that but viewers are allowed to download their desired contents using any device. Neither does the site require a monthly or annual subscription nor do viewers need to register for accessing its contents. Users can very easily navigate through the site’s contents and download any number of movies or web series anytime, anywhere.

Offering several languages and types of contents of several genres and categories, MoviesBaba ensures the best possible movie streaming experience. Nothing can beat the relaxation we get by thoroughly watching a good movie. MoviesBaba tries to enhance this experience with every passing day.

Above all, the interface of the site is extremely user friendly and easily navigable. The user interface has been designed in such a way that it lets anyone browse through the site’s contents without any hassle.

MoviesBaba leaks all the major releases like the latest movies, web series, and documentaries within a few days in high definition for viewers to stream and download. In this digitalized era, MoviesBaba is quick to deliver the trending movies and videos to one and all. As the latest releases are now available on these torrent sites early than television, consumers are increasingly shifting from televisions to these online sites.

moviesbaba 2020

You would be delighted to know that MoviesBaba contains all series and films which are available on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other OTT platforms. Viewers can stream those contents for free of cost absolutely!

MoviesBaba has been operating for years now. It has been delivering quality content consistently and attracts immense traffic every year. It has built a strong user base in all these years. Apart from the main domain, the site also has several active proxy URLs from where users can also access and enjoy its contents.

Features of MoviesBaba Website

The developers of the MoviesBaba site have designed it with extreme care and attention keeping in mind the convenience of the users. The site has innumerable features which is why it has gained so much popularity among viewers. It is responsive to any type of device. Also, it’s easily browsable and optimized.

The site offers multiple effective links for every content. So if any of the links aren’t working, you can quickly switch over to the next one. Unlike other sites, you don’t have to hunt down for that one effective link. Offering multiple downloading and streaming links to users, this site has made the entire process extremely hassle-free and quick. We have listed below some of the best features of MoviesBaba :

  • MoviesBaba offers a simple user interface ensuring smooth, hassle-free navigation even for kids.
  • As we already mentioned, the website can be accessed from any kind of device, be it a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Contents can be downloaded easily if you have a steady internet connection.
  • MoviesBaba offers content in good audio and video quality. For the further convenience of users, it uploads contents in several formats.
  • The site doesn’t consume much internal space or your system’s CPU while you access it. Also, the videos you download can be compressed.
  • It consumes little battery power while you stream or download contents irrespective of the device you are accessing it from.
  • The site is connected to fast and effective servers, allowing easy and quick downloading of movies. However, you must have a steady internet connection.
  • The latest update of the MoviesBaba site and app has eliminated all existing bugs and technical glitches.

An easy trick to download contents from MoviesBaba 

Needless to say, one must have their device connected to the internet for accessing the contents of the MoviesBaba site. Besides a steady internet connection, one must also have an internet browser to browse the site. You can choose any browser for that purpose, like chrome, firefox, internet explorer, etc. The best thing about MoviesBaba is that its links work on any kind of internet browser. All you need to do is carefully type the following text on the address bar

intitle: index.of? format MovieName

  • Remember that, in place of “format” you are supposed to mention the format of the content in which you want to stream or download it. Formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. can easily be found.
  • “Movie name” indicates the title of the movie or content you are looking for.
  • Once done, click on enter. A list of links showing similar results will appear on the screen. You can click on any of those that serve your purpose.

CAUTION: MoviesBaba offers only pirated contents, without having proper copyright of them. In that case, MoviesBaba will not take responsibility if anyone faces the consequences of browsing through a torrent website.


Categories available On MoviesBaba movie site 

We have already mentioned that the site brings together several categories of contents from several genres. If you are looking for the best Hindi movies and web series, you can easily spot them here. If on the other hand, you love to watch Hollywood content, you can also enjoy them here. In short, comprising a vast range of contents, MoviesBaba provides a complete combination of entertainment.

  • Hollywood: This category for those who love to see their Hollywood actors and actresses on screen. In this category, you can find every genre of Hollywood content like science fiction, thrillers, horrors, romance, comedy, web series, etc. Some of the best award-winning old movies are also found here. If you are willing to stream the dubbed versions of these Hollywood collections, even that can be done on MoviesBaba.
  • Bollywood: As the name suggests, this category brings to you the best Hindi collections of all times. Some of the evergreen old Hindi movies are also found here, which the other torrent sites don’t host. Apart from the latest releases, the site hosts the old Bollywood movies also in high definition. Some of the latest Hindi collections of this site include dream girl, super 30, war, etc.
  • South dubbed: south Indian films have forever been an emotion for most of us. A lot of people are a huge fan of south Indian actors and actresses. South Indian films are mostly known for their dramatic scenes and action sequences. MoviesBaba offers a variety of South Indian films like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, etc. To make it easier for users to understand the films, one can even stream them with subtitles. Even dubbed versions of South Indian films are also available.

Video Formats available on MoviesBaba

Undoubtedly, MoviesBaba offers a seamless and hassle-free user experience, unlike other pirated torrent sites. Its list of features is simply innumerable. It brings together movies and several other types of content in various formats, allowing viewers to stream them in any format of their choice. It’s video and audio quality is simply commendable. The following video resolutions are available on this site:

  • 420p,
  • 720p,
  • 1080p,
  • HDRip,
  • BluRay,
  • DVDScr
  • DVDRip

Measurement of films available on MoviesBaba

Following are some of the measurements the site offers:

  • 300MB Dimension Videos and Movies
  • 600MB Dimension Videos and Movies
  • 400MB Dimension Videos and Movies
  • 1 GB Dimension Videos and Movies
  • 2 GB Dimension Videos and Movies
  • 6 GB Dimension Videos and Movies

Streaming Videos on MoviesBaba

Besides allowing users to download content on their devices, the site also allows free streaming. Just like it offers several downloading links, the site also brings multiple streaming links. Users can stream in any format too. All you need for that purpose is a strong internet connection.

List Of the Latest Domains Of MoviesBaba site In 2020

It should be known that MoviesBaba is a pirated platform. It promotes piracy business, which is illegal and a punishable offense. Although users can avail of the latest releases for free in high definition, they must know that the contents are leaked without proper copyright permissions. This piracy business is a crime. The act of releasing pirated content is equally a crime.

moviesbaba bollywood movies

Even browsing through those pirated sites is considered to be a punishable act. To curb the piracy business, the Government of India has banned such sites as MoviesBaba from operating. Hence, to continue its operation, MoviesBaba has come up with several other active domains from where users can access the main site easily.

  • age
  • string
  • in
  • ch
  • biz
  • web
  • life
  • ag
  • com
  • cs
  • Tamil
  • app
  • VIP
  • buzz
  • lite

More on the different domains

  • – this is the most used URL of this site. It offers quick access to the main site. The homepage of this site contains precise details about every content.
  • – one can navigate on this site smoothly. The categories are cleanly divided, allowing viewers to find out their desired movies at ease.
  • – here one can stream and download movies and web series of various resolutions and sizes.
  • – This site hosts the latest releases in HD quality. No matter its a newly released film or web series, you are sure to get it here. Also, its user interface is well designed and attractive.

FAQs About MoviesBaba Web Series & Movies Website

A lot of people seem to have queries regarding the functioning of pirated sites. We have provided some of the frequently asked questions along with their answers for our readers.

  1. What is MoviesBaba?

Precisely, MoviesBaba is a pirated movie streaming and downloading website, which functions globally. It hosts various categories of films, covering a wide range of genres and languages. Since it’s illegal, it’s best to use a VPN server before you access the site. It makes your IP address anonymous.

2.Why is MoviesBaba so well-preferred among viewers? 

Ever since MoviesBaba came into operation, it has been providing quality content and services to its viewers. Thus it’s obvious for such a user-friendly site to attract more traffic. Above all, here one can get any kind of entertainment one is looking for.

  1. Is MoviesBaba a legal website?

No, MoviesBaba is an illegal torrent site, which hosts pirated content.

  1. Is accessing MoviesBaba safe? 

If you have connected your device to a foreign server, you can access the site safely. However, not doing so exposes your device or system to various malware and cyber threats. Hence, viewers are always advised to use a VPN.

  1. Is the MoviesBaba website currently active? 

Pirated sites like MoviesBaba can stop functioning anytime. However, as soon as a domain of the site is blocked, the site activates another domain so that viewers can continue accessing their contents.


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Downloading movies from MoviesBaba

If you are willing to download movies from MoviesBaba, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Search for MoviesBaba on Google.

2.Click on the active link that appears on top. The website’s homepage appears.

3.Search for your desired content, either on the search bar or from the categories.

4.Click on the content you want to download. Look for its downloading links.

5.Click on ” click here to download full movie”.

That’s all. Your movie will start to download. Once done, save the video file.


This article was entirely meant for educating our readers. Neither do we support piracy nor do we intend to promote it. Our sole aim was to make our readers aware of the ill effects of browsing through pirated sites like MoviesBaba. We request everyone to shift to legal movie streaming alternatives like Netflix and Amazon Prime.