Joovideo : Watch Korean Drama, Movies and Shows

Joovideo : Watch Korean Drama, Movies and Shows

Joovideo is a free Korean entertainment and news media streaming website, from where you get to watch all your favorite Korean drama, movies, variety shows, and Korean entertainment news in high definition quality and download the videos as well. You can access popular movies and TV series that are newly released regardless of your location. As the viewers of Korean dramas and entertainment media are escalating with every passing day, has made the website accessible worldwide. 

Free online streaming brings forth a great deal of faster show delivery than enjoying them on television. With having a premium account, you will get VIP pass to get ad-free streaming and many other amenities. There would be no more waiting on the ads to finish or the inconvenience of interrupting your parents to watch their favorite show while enjoying quality time. You would not face any issue regarding video buffering and unwanted video crashing if you are to stream videos online via a faster internet connection.  

The functionality of joovideo: is provided by the nameservers and The original domain name of joovideo is, and the original title is Joovideo: All about of K-Pop News, Events, Cooking, Funny, Beauty, Drama, Movie. The official website can be accessed through its official domain’’ 

When it comes to any type of Korean entertainment and news program, Joovideo can be trusted as the most tried and tested free streaming platform. You have the advantage of browsing this website through any video streaming device with an internet connection such as computer PCs, tabs, mobile phones or laptops, etc., whenever, no matter whichever corner of the world you are. can avail you with all-time popular and best Korean dramas, movies and not to forget K-Pop music library from old releases to the latest ones. This vast collection also extended to finding information regarding upcoming Korean movies or TV shows with numerous genres and subgenres. makes it easy for the viewers to search for their desired Korean program because of its specific categorization of unique genres. Or, if you remember the name of the program or song you wanna watch, then simply follow the traditional way of typing up its name on the search bar and select the appropriate program from the search result. 

Since most of the foreign viewers desire to watch the Korean programs with subtitles on, also facilitates its popular programs with various other abundantly used foreign language translations to assist with providing subtitles. But the most beneficial feature of this free streaming platform is that it also has a feature for direct download of the video from the video-play.

Why is the popularity of joovideo influenced by Korean entertainment media?

The insane global popularity of the Korean entertainment sector can otherwise be termed as ‘Korean Wave.’ The spread of South Korean culture is driven by the worldwide accessibility of the K-dramas and K-Pop through free streaming websites like and social media. Such free streaming platforms often avail subtitles in multiple languages. 

The meticulously put-together presentation of Korean fashion, style, and culture has the ability to attract an audience visually in large numbers. The thoughtful processing of making high-quality and addictive plotlines of Korean dramas and the K-Pop music industry has made Korean entertainment media adapted throughout the world in the process of crossing all the cultural and linguistic barriers around the globe. 

Free streaming platforms such as contribute to facilitating the promotion, distribution, and consumption of several other forms of Korean entertainment like funny variety shows and sports programs. Such programs take an interest in hosting shows and events for popular Korean celebrities such as actors and K- Pop Idols. This helps in bringing in the driven number of views through local and foreign audiences, who desire to watch their favorite star under a natural and practical sphere without being under the influence of any drama or music video’s plotline. 

With the start of the 21st century, this Korean Wave has become a global phenomenon having a major impact on the contemporary global cultures, music, film, and television industry. The influence of Hallyu on an international level is all possible because of the prominent free streaming Korean media platforms such as 

How to stream videos on JooVideo?

As we have established earlier, can be accessed through any electronic streaming device, but the device must have an internet connection. To stream the videos, you have to first open any internet browser. In the URL bar, type out the domain of the official website like i.e., 

Then click enter to reach the website. Reaching upon the websites, you can find a large number of suggestions for various Korean entertainment shows on its interface. If you are interested in watching any program from the suggested lists, you can click on the thumbnail of the show or its title. It will take you to an inner page, where you can stream the program through the Video-play available by various servers. 

There would be an option for you to choose the video quality, subtitle, and any episode you want to view. You can also find a download option on the video play that can guide you to download any video you want. If you desire, you can change the server to stream the video on any other site from standard quality to HD quality. 

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What are the advantages of Joovideo?

  • High Definition picture and sound

Unlike other free K-media streaming sites, the video and audio quality of, are of high definition qualities. 

  • Watch instantly

Without getting tangled in any platform charges or premium requirement, you can get immediate access to your favorite programs in 

  • No need to download

Just like other online video streaming sites, also makes its users’ life simpler without worrying about downloading them to watch their favorite K-drama or movie. All you would need is a stable internet connection for you to watch the shows anytime and anywhere with no interruption or buffering issues. 

  • No jamming of memory space

Since you can stream the videos on, there would be no involvement in downloading the videos and worrying about running out of your device’s disk space or your memory spaces. Big-size videos can easily jam your device’s space, which can later have an effect on the performance of your streaming device. 

  • Instant playback

Most of the online free video streaming sites include various links and servers for the user to choose whichever they want to watch through. But not every server provides a video playback option. Yet provides its users with such servers, which enables the audience to stream their videos with an instant playback option. 

  • Many streaming options provides its viewers with a huge list of streaming options by availing a lot of video servers and links on its website. 

  • Internet connection

With a safe and stable internet connection, you can get an HD experience while streaming the videos on without any slow loading of WebPages and buffering.

How can you browse Joovideo safely? is a very user-friendly website, unlike other free video streaming websites. You would not encounter any annoying ads while streaming videos, slow streaming, or downloading problems with The direct downloading facility enables you to not take assistance from any unsafe mediums like URL copying. 

Hence, would not compromise its users’ security while streaming their favorite Korean programs on the platform. However, you should always make use of a VPN for securing your IP address from cyberbullies or government officials to track down your browsing data and information. 

Should you stream or download?

  • The benefits of downloading videos from joovideo

If you are to download the videos, the downloaded file will be stored locally that you can later use them to watch them offline. is a legitimate site for you to make your downloads safe. You can use an FTP or a web browser to download the video files. There are facilities for you to download legitimate music files without including DRM to make the music easier to listen to on different devices. You can still keep downloading the videos for hours in case of a slow internet connection. 

  • The benefits of streaming videos on joovideo

Streaming any videos or listening to music on joovideo enables you to save downloading time. Streaming videos online would not take any of your hard disk space. By streaming the video first, allows you to explore the program and the new artists to determine if you like them or not decide if you want to download the video file or music tracks. enables you to stream the videos on any video streaming website without any issue, and you can stream the videos directly on smart televisions without any need to utilize the computer. With a good internet connection, there would not be any problem for you to stream the videos without buffering. 

What can you watch in Joovideo?

K Media produces a wide range of entertainment aspects that can intrigue the viewers to have a taste; hence they are so in demand. covers almost all of those programs that can quip the netizens’ interest. Here are some Korean programs that Joovideo avails for its viewers:

  1. K-Dramas
  2. K-Movies
  3. K-Pop
  4. News
  5. Events
  6. Variety Shows
  7. Documentary programs
  8. Cooking shows
  9. Health shows
  10. Senior programs
  11. Sports
  12. Education
  13. Kids Programs
  14. Religious Shows
  15. Beauty Shows
  16. Funny Shows

Which genres are available in Joovideo?

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Biography
  • Comedy
  • Costume
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Horror
  • Kungfu
  • Musical
  • Mystery
  • Mythological
  • Magic
  • Psychological
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Sitcom
  • Sport
  • Thriller
  • Tragedy
  • Supernatural
  • TV Show
  • War
  • Western
  • Xmas

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  • What should I do if I can’t download videos from

If you are unable to download the videos from directly, you can use the copy URL method to download the video from other independent video downloading sites. Or you can make use of various video recording software to record the video clips you need. 

  • Would I be able to play the downloaded videos on my device?

Usually, any video files that you download from are in MP4 video files.  It is known that any video streaming device is able to play MP4 file format video files. Hence, you will be able to play the downloaded videos on your video streaming device without any issue. 

  • Can I share the downloaded videos with my friends?

Any video you download from can only be available for your personal use. Since the video files are in big sizes, they would not be suitable for sharing through social media if you don’t have a faster internet speed. 

  • Will the video downloader save any copy of the downloaded videos on my device?

Any video downloader website, app, or program never creates or saves any copy of the file you want to download. But you are able to make as many copies of the video as you want by yourself after you finish downloading the video. 

  • Does legalize downloading videos from its website?

The legalization of downloading videos from depends on the terms and conditions for the videos. If you are to download a copyright-free video, you can make it happened without any legal issues. But if you want to download a copyright-protected video, it would be wise to ask for permission from the owner of the video. has a simple user interface that enables its users to navigate through the website without any complication. The proper categorization of various Korean entertainment programs and news media, genres, and subgenres makes the user comfortable while surfing through the website to find a suitable program to watch. With high-quality content, this website gives you the opportunity to explore the massive Korean media conveniently.