How to unlock Kul Tiran in World of WarCraft

How to unlock Kul Tiran in World of WarCraft

Kul Tirans Humans which is one of the five Allied Races present in Battle for Azeroth was discovered when some fearless explorers sailed through uncharted waters. They are the main members of the Alliance of Lordaeron.  Boralus is the capital city of Kul Tirans. After years of upheaval and convulsion, their empire turned isolated and open to dark influences. But later the brave heroes restored the House Proudmoore making Kul Tirans fight alongside the valiant Alliance again.

These are a specific kind of human breed that originated from the island Kul Tirans, they are brawnier, more robust, and rugged than their continental cousins.  Their history is dotted black with fighting wars alongside the Horde. Their language is the same as their mainland inhabitants. They even ride horses like humans. Members of Kul Tirans Humans are distributed among various classes. These are Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, and Warrior.

On March 12th, 2019, Kul Tiran Humans were launched in a playable Allied race form. The achievements needed to unlock the Kul Tiran Humans race are given below:

Steps to Unlock Kul Tirans in World of Warcraft

  • Accomplish Kul Tirans Zone Storyline:

The 3 zones under Kul Tirans storyline are—’Loremaster of Kul Tirans’, ‘The Pride of Kul Tirans’, and ‘A Nation United’.

  • Loremaster of Kul TiransInitiate with the Loremaster of Kul Tirans’ quests. This storyline has 3 major zones located on Kul Tirans Island. These are: Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar’ & ‘Stormsong’ Valley. Start with the ‘Tiragarde Sound’ quest line at level 10 by choosing the Boralus Harbormaster’s Office map. At level 25, start the ‘Drustvar’ quests located at the same place. At level 35, start ‘Stormsong Valley’ quests. With unlocked flying, you are done with each zone in 2 – 4 hours. But without flying, the time duration of completing each zone will nearly double. 
  • The Pride of Kul TiransNow as you reach to level 50, begin with The Pride of Kul Tirans’ questline. There is total 25 quests under this storyline. The first quest location is Cyrus Crestfall. There are 4 dungeons within these quests which are to be completed on normal or heroic mode. The last dungeon ‘Siege of Boralus’ can be completed on heroic difficulty mode only.
  • A Nation UnitedThe last zone under Kul Tirans zone storyline is A Nation United. This is the only quest that is just like a cherry on top of the questline of this zone in Kul Tirans. Finishing Is Very Easy and Straightforward.
  1. Finish The Alliance War Campaign:

The 8.0 and 8.1 components under War Campaign are ‘Ready for War’ and ‘Tides of Vengeance’ respectively.

  • Ready for War– There are a total of eight questlines under the first part of the War Campaign. Though you can begin the questlines of the first part after the completion of level 35, to unlock all you need to finish till level 50. Finish these to complete the ‘Ready for Warstoryline.
  • Tides of Vengeance– Locate the orange-colored exclamation point on the map. You will find the quest named ‘The Calm Before’. It will be the same boat as the other storylines. Complete this to earn ‘Tides of Vengeance and you are done with the second part of the War Campaign.

Note: After completing theTides of Vengeance’ part of the war campaign there is another quest called ‘The Battle of Dazar’alor’ raid. It is not mandatory to achieve this quest for unlocking the Kul Tirans.

  • Complete The Quest Recruitment Storyline:

Now comes the final step. Start the last recruitment quests at Stormwind Embassy, required to unlock Kul Tirans. These are 20 very easy-going questlines you need to conquer. Initiate by talking to Aysa Cloudsinger. The quest is titled as ‘Made in Kul Tirans’.

As you complete this quest chain, you can finally unlock the Kul Tiran Human allied race.


After unlocking Kul Tiran Human allied race, you can for other achievements like Tabard of Kul Tirans and Kul Tiran Charger. Now you are ready to create a Kul Tiran Human for yourself. You can always check the level development rate in the Battle for Azeroth Atonement Tracker.

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