How to slide in Madden 21

How to slide in Madden 21

Originated in America and developed by EA Tiburon, Madden NFL 21 is a football (soccer) video game. This video game is a publication of Electronic Arts. It is one of the versions belonging to the Madden NFL series. Released on August 28, 2020, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, it features Baltimore Ravens as the quarterback, Lamar Jackson as the cover athlete, and Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis as its in-game commentators. After nearly 3 months, it was launched for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on December 4, 2020.   Madden NFL 21 is though not free software.

There were people who appreciated its gameplay but others criticized the lack of innovation and its technical issues. Nevertheless, with every annual update, the game gets better, faster, and more polished
This game has a mobile version too. Launched a few weeks before the game’s initial launch, it is titled as Madden NFL 21 Mobile. 
Since the release of its new edition on August 28, 2020, Madden NFL 21 has been hype among its players particularly due to its new mechanics. Some of them are even facing difficulties due to the change in certain commands and controls. One such issue in the game is how to slide. In the latest version with the change in this command, quarterback sliding has become a major doubt.

How to slide in Madden NFL 21?

To make a QB slide, the player needs to keep certain points in mind. The specifications to follow while making a QB slide in Madden NFL 21 are:
The ball carrier must be under the direct control of the player.
QB should be under your control. the player needs to begin a passing play by holding R2 on PlayStation 4 and RT on Xbox One. 
Before attempting to slide, the player should be beyond the line of scrimmage.
Now for sliding QB in Madden NFL 21 follow these instructions: To slide, understand how to scramble first. For the scramble, press R2 on PlayStation and RT on Xbox. Once you are beyond the line of scrimmage, you can slide at whatever position that suits you. Typically, you will be wanting a slide when you find defenders approaching the QB for a tackle.
So, now to slide, on the PlayStation, release the R2 Trigger and on the XBOX Release the RT Trigger and hold the Square Button and the X button (the dive button) respectively. Note that if you hold on the rushing button, instead of sliding the player will dive. If you are near the goal line, you can dive the player because diving here will get the player into the endzone safely, but avoid it in the open field.

Why Sliding Is Important? 
Sliding is important here because quarterback players tend to fumble then they are at other positions. So, if your QB gets a hit, there’s a good chance that he will let go the ball from his control.  The quarterback will fumble if you hit the button to dive in the open field, as well because EA Sports doesn’t support the fact that while diving quarterbacks can hold onto the ball for some reason. And anyways, even if the quarterback does not let go of the ball, sliding prevents injuries too. If you let the QB get a hit, particularly by Kyler Murray or Lamar Jackson, there are sure chances of getting an injury as they are the players with smaller frames. So, it better not to take the risk and just slide.

Now that finally you know how to slide in Madden NFL 21, you need to know that Sliding can be done with other ball carriers that too at the same time, though, it requires a little more effort from the player. You must double tap the X or Square buttons even though a single tap on X or Square button is enough for making the quarterback slide and keep away from contact This is because, it allows a player to fall for the ground safely and prevent a large hit or some injury. Apart from that keep the specifications in mind while in Madden NFL 21 and enjoy playing!

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