How to restore licenses Ps4 – Full Details

How to restore licenses Ps4 – Full Details

With the increase in the manufacture of digital games under various genre and thus the growing number of gamers, console items such as PlayStation, Xbox are highly demanded. But these consoles do not come without certain technical issues. So, let us discuss about PlayStation and ways to restore PlayStation Store licences for uninterrupted gaming.

What is PS4?

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is an electronic video game console. It was launched by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the successor to its earlier version i.e., PlayStation 3 in February 2013, it was the product console of the eighth generation, and is capable of competing with Microsoft‘s Xbox One and other brand consoles. Even then the PS4 license issue is a cause of continuous trouble for the gamers.

What Is PS4 License Issue?

The most common issue faced by the gamers with PlayStation 4 is that sometimes PSN does not accept that you are the owner of the game, and when you try starting the game a message: “cannot verify the license” or “PS4 game license cannot be verified” appears on the screen. Also, it is seen that there appears a lock next to all the games you had purchased earlier. To fix these, try the solutions given below.

Methods To Fix PS4 Game License Issue

  • Try Relogging In

Though it is One of the most convenient fixes, the results are surprisingly good as it works most of the times this issue arises. For this, power off the your PS4 and reboot it back and check whether the issue is fixed or not.

  • Check Whether You Are Properly Signed into The Profile Associated with The Account or Not

In some cases, gamers by default are signed-in into their PSN account when they boot up their PS4, other users need to sign in themselves. To login, follow:

  • Press ‘UP’ from the Control Pad. 
  • Scroll to ‘Settings’.
  • Choose ‘PlayStation Network’. 
  • Login into your account. 
  • A popup message appears asking whether this is the Primary PS4 account.
  • Hit ‘Yes’. 
  • Verify Whether the PSN Status Is Down or Not

Regular updates on the PlayStation Network Status are provided at PlayStation Universe to reveal whether the status is up to the mark or not. Also, you can use the PSN down detector to check if there’s some issue. If there is, you need wait until the issue is resolved as the network is back online. 

  • Deactivate Your Account from The Primary Account

Try deactivating your current account as primary account. It removes the lock hovering over the game icons. Don’t worry about this causing any problem, as you can always re-activate it again. To deactivate, follow:

  • Scroll to ‘Settings’.
  • Click on ‘Account Management’.
  • Deactivate the account from the primary PS4 account.
  • Look Out for DRM Issues

If the game you have got is a second-hand copy, borrowed copy, or downloaded a digital copy of a PS4 game that was previously stored on disc, it is possible that the PS4 is facing a DRM issue. To fix this, try:

Delete the disc version of the game, Or, Talk to the previous owner to delete their disc version.

  • Try Restoring the Game License

Now here comes the ultimate solution to fix the problem with PS4. Try restoring the license of the games or add-ons bought from the PSN. It can be done as the PS4 keeps a track of the games purchased digitally through PSN. Restoring licenses can be an effective solution for the following cases: 

  • A padlock shaped icon is visible nest to the game you have purchased already.

can’t find any game.

  • A game crashes.
  • Live event issues.
  • Facing problems in purchasing anything on PSN.

To restore the game licenses on PS4, follow:

  • Sign in with the PSN account you used while buying the game.
  • Press ‘UP’ button from the ‘Home’ screen.
  • Scroll till you find “Settings”.
  • Click on ‘Account Management’.  
  • Scroll down to the last and click ‘Restore License’.
  • Hit ‘Restore’. The restoring process begins. 
  • Time duration to Restore license depends upon the number of licenses you have.
  • Finally click ‘OK’. 


Now that you know different ways to solve the issues related to the license verification of PS4, remember that you need not to jump directly to the restore license fix, but try other easier fixes first. Nevertheless, one of these fixes with surely solve your PS4 problem and enjoy gaming!!

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