How to Remove Temporary Tattoos

How to Remove Temporary Tattoos

With the growth in fashion trends, temporary tattoos are the new craze among youngsters. But these cool designs start to peel off in about a week or so, making us want to remove it permanently. There can be many other reasons for us to want tattoo removal. Anyways, it’s easy enough to make them disappear in no time. But this can’t be done blindly. Different things suit different skins, whereas others can cause irritation or rashes. So, choose your means of tattoo removal wisely. Let’s talk about some tricks to help you with the same with the least skin issues.

Exfoliating Scrubs

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells. The scrub can also help to break your temporary tattoo. 

Try to rub any scrub in gentle circular motions for at least 30 seconds. Then wash. Most of your tattoos will fade. Continue scrubbing as per required. Try whipping a homemade paste, in the absence of any exfoliating items. Make a paste of sugar, coconut oil, and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla to add fragrance.

Nail Polish Remover

Acetone, easily available in nail polish removers, will remove any temporary tattoo. On a cotton pad, spill a few drops of nail polish remover or any item that has acetone in it. Rub gently. Such products can help remove tattoos quickly by reducing their color and breaking up the particles. Other items like hand sanitizer and alcohol can help with this too.

Cleansers with chemicals

Certain cleansers or products easily available in a drugstore or make-up items that contain chemicals like glycoliclactic, or salicylic acid can be used as well. These increase skin cell turnover to remove the dead layer and clean the area. 

Many beauty products contain these ingredients which are easily available at homes. Rub any remover onto the affected area with a cloth dabbed with such products. Keep checking the area, and keep scrubbing in circular, firm motion. Wash the product off as soon as the tattoo disappears.

Oil-based Remover

Oil-based solutions are a convenient way of removing dead skin layer that too without actually harming the skin. These solutions are helpful since “like removes like”.

Oils are easily available at houses. Any of these can work:

  • baby oil
  • coconut oil
  • olive oil

Also, oil-based cleansers can be bought by any drugstore if needed.  Such items bind oil and water together to cleanse the affected area. Cold creams can be used too. Apply it to the skin. Rub gently, until the tattoo pigments flake off.


Apparently, mouthwash is also helpful in removing permanent tattoos.  Just apply a few drops and rub the tattoo with a warm, damp cloth. the minty stuff will remove the tattoo without harming the skin. Clean the tattoo area with water later to remove the leftovers.


Use any clear tape. 

Press a piece of tape down onto the temporary tattoo down firmly so that it attaches to the surface of the temporary tattoo. Rub the tape over the tattoo using your fingers.

Remove the tape off of your skin. Repeat the pressing and the peeling part until the temporary tattoo goes off. Take as many tries it requires, particularly if it is a large tattoo.

Take an ice cube and place it over on the affected spot. It will help in soothing and removing or at least reducing the redness of the skin caused by the tape. Use a moisturiser to moisturize the affected area.

#Pro tips

  • Don’t over rub alcohol because it will sting.
  • Lots of tattoos fade on their own or in the shower, or with the chlorinated water of the swimming pool so if not needed don’t get hard on your skin. Let it go on its own.
  • Can Use a makeup wipe too.
  • Hand sanitizer is safer than other alcohol products. Prefer that.