How to Make a Secret Door in Minecraft

How to Make a Secret Door in Minecraft

There may come a time when protecting your house is becomes a must in Minecraft. To attain this, a secret door is required so that it becomes difficult to locate such an important location. Some hidden doors though more reliable tend to need expertise in making them. Nevertheless, it is over to us which one we want to choose. Ranging from a simple door to a water-filled one, given below are five ways to build a secret door and the descriptive steps to build them.

Simple Door

This hidden door is the simplest, as it does not require any items or tools, (not if built into a stone wall). 

  • Firstly, choose a location. 
  • Then, break a hole in the ground/cliff side.
  • Build the house hidden in the ground. 
  • Remember to patch up the entrance when you leave or enter.


  • One of the most hidden doors as, it is not detectable unless the ‘door’ is left open.  
  • Very cost friendly.

Piston Hidden Door

Items needed:

  • Stone blocks
  • Grass Blocks
  • Redstone Torch
  • Redstone Repeater
  • Redstone Dust
  • Sticky Pistons
  • Pressure Plates
  • Choose a clear flatland and make two rows of sticky pistons that are at least three blocks high, but have four blocks of separation between them.
  • Next place stone blocks next to the pistons to act as the door.
  • Now, place Redstone torches at the foot of each pillar and a stone block in the middle of each and on that stone block place some red stone dust to activate the pistons.
  • Build a small hole underneath the pistons. 
  • Place Redstone beneath it and widen each side by two blocks. 
  • Place more of Redstone dust and Redstone repeaters
  • Cover the surface of the hole with grass blocks and place pressure plates on either side of the structure to help open up the secret door.
  • Place stone blocks all around the structure in a way that doesn’t impede its ability to open or close to make it more secretive.

Time-Based Hidden Door

  • The daylight sensor can be used for the creation of this door.
  • Attach a daylight sensor to half of a Jeb door. 
  • Since the daylight sensor can be toggled, use it to hide a door that will open only at certain timings.


  • No need of many resources or much spaces and is easy to build.
  • Activates automatically according to the time, players need not execute any actions.

Fishing in lava door

  • Firstly, get a lava pool (natural or artificial).
  • Make it look like a natural pool. 
  • Place a wooden pressure plate somewhere at the bottom of the lava pool. 
  • Then, dig under the lava pool.
  • Put Redstone wiring beneath the wood pressure plate, connecting it to a piston secret door. 
  • To enter, fish at this plate.
  • As the fishing bobber hits, activating a Redstone current, the door opens. For closing, retract the bobber. A button can be used to get out. 


  • Hard to find, if someone is looking for a secret base, they tend not to have a fishing rod equipped and as most people don’t waste their fishing rod’s durability by fishing in lava no one can find it by accident.
  • The wiring is relatively simple compared to some others.

Underwater Hidden Door

  • To create an entrance in the base of a water body dig a small hole.
  • Then, use of water blocking objects such as trapdoors, ladders, signs etc. to hide doors and entrances underwater thus leaving an air pocket. 
  • Continue this ladder shaft down into the base.
  • To hide the base better use a piston and a wooden pressure plate. Toss any item into a hole a little away from the door. Let this hole have the pressure plate in it to move the item. As soon as the item lands over the plate, the piston retracts, and the door opens. After entering, collect the dropped item to close the door. 


  • It is immune to explosions and most mobs have difficulty attacking it.
  • Additionally, the base can have access to conduit power foe additional security. 


Making secret doors is not easy when you’re a beginner but with the right tools and guides to help along, anyone can become a pro gradually. The secret door manufacturing has a wide variety of ranges from for starters to experts. Choose your options wisely.

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