How To Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume On Android

How To Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume On Android

With the increase in the usage of Bluetooth devices, Absolute Bluetooth Volume was a much-awaited feature. It makes the controls of these Bluetooth devices very user-friendly. But as we know everything with pros has cons too. Bluetooth devices many times require users to disable this feature.

What Is Absolute Bluetooth Volume?

Absolute Bluetooth volume is a feature that allows you to control your Bluetooth speaker’s volume through your phone’s volume and vice-versa. In other words, it is because of this feature you don’t actually need to use the physical volume button of your Bluetooth devices to increase or decrease their volume. Similarly, to change your phone’s volume you can use the Bluetooth device’s manual volume buttons. With this feature enabled it allows the phone to send audio information and after editing that information in order to match the volume, it controls the volume of the Bluetooth device to give out the accurate volume. 

Advantages Of Enabling Absolute Bluetooth Volume

  • If the Bluetooth device can handle it, this feature helps to provide much better audio quality then the separated audio controls can.
  • Controlling audio settings becomes more convenient. 

Steps to Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume

Before disabling Absolute Bluetooth Volume, first, switch ‘Developer Options’ ON. To achieve that follow:

  • Tap on ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll to ‘About Phone’ option.
  • Tap ‘About Phone’ option.
  • Locate the ‘Build Number’ of the Android. It must be inside the tab titled ‘Version’.
  • Tap the ‘Build Number’ seven times.

This turns ON the ‘Developer Options’ for the phone.

It is possible that your Android’s ‘About Phone’ options may differ slightly. So, don’t strictly stick to tapping just seven times. Check out the number of taps for your phone. Also, the ‘Developer Options’ will appear depending on the way you personalized your Android. Normally, it should be under ‘Settings’. 

As you are done with enabling ‘Developers options’ for the android, follow the directions below to disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume:

  • Select ‘System Settings’.
  • Scroll to ‘Developer Options’. 
  • After tapping on ‘Developer Options’ toggle the switch on the top of the screen ON
  • Navigate to the Networking section and find Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume Switch
  • Turn the switch ON.

You are done with disabling the Absolute Bluetooth Volume feature of the android. And with this, the Bluetooth device audio settings is no longer connected with the audio settings of the phone.  Now you can control the audio settings of the phone or the Bluetooth device separately. Also now changing the volume of one device won’t affect the volume of another one.

Why Should You Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume Control?

Now the question arises, if the feature of Absolute Bluetooth Volume Control is making the adjustment of the volume of the phone and the Bluetooth device so convenient, then why should we choose to disable it?

It is because even if absolute Bluetooth volume control helps us to avoid manual labor in changing the volume of two devices separately, there are a few reasons which stand against enabling the absolute Bluetooth volume control feature. 

  • Since, the audio controls of the phone and the Bluetooth device are now connected with absolute Bluetooth volume switched on, in case you want to maximise the volume of the Bluetooth device you will be able to do it till a certain limit supported by the phone. Similarly, if your Bluetooth device supports advanced features for volumes, you wouldn’t be able to utilise them up to their optimum performance for the same reason.  
  • Some Bluetooth devices aren’t optimized enough to handle absolute Bluetooth volume control and later have audio-related problems with the device. to avoid any issues, it’s better to disable absolute Bluetooth volume. 


The enabling or disabling of the Absolute Bluetooth Volume control is not permanent and you can always change it as required. Absolute Bluetooth Volume control is, by default, enabled for most Androids. It is seen that most devices are not compatible with absolute volume control. In order to get the loudest possible volume, you have to disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume and then you can easily max out the volumes of both your devices. This way you will get a better experience as the media volume will now be controlled by the Android device and the playback volume by the Bluetooth device.

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