How many pints in a Gallon

How many pints in a Gallon

How many pints in a gallon. In this article, we will talk about the relation between two measuring units: pints and gallons. 

What are pints (p)?

The unit chosen to measure volume capacity is known as a pint. It is abbreviated as ‘p’. It has two different values in the metric system: the UK/imperial pint and the US customary pint. As per Britannica, the American pint is 20% smaller in volume capacity than the British/imperial pint. This fact reveals that any beverage, be it milk, beer or any other liquid will differ in its volume capacity as per the place in the world you are standing in with them. For a liquid ingredient, So it’s very very to understand how many pints in a gallon.

1 US pint = 473.15ml

1 UK pint = 568.261ml.

Other than that, it is of two kinds: the dry pint and the liquid pint.

The dry pint is used to describe dry, solid materials whereas liquid pint is used for liquid materials such as for cooking items.

How Many Pints in a Gallon

1 dry pint= 551ml of any dry item

1 liquid pint= 473ml of any wet item

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Along with units like pint and quart, gallon is another unit used to measure volume capacity for both dry and liquid materials. This unit is abbreviated by ‘gal’ Like other units, gallon has different values for different metric systems. The unit is used with different measures in British, imperial and American conversions.

1 US gallon = 3.78 litres

1 imperial gallon = 4.54 litres

As per Unit Converters, the US gallon was handy only for measuring wine and dry items like grains, corn etc. But currently, it is taken as the standard measurement for liquid items like milk, gasoline etc.

Differences Between US Customary Units and Imperial System

In the US conversion system, people use the imperial system to measure items with units such as gallons, pints, inches, etc. 

Now here comes a slight difference which we need to know. Even if the American system has adopted the imperial system, some of the unit measurements are different than those in the imperial system. In simpler words, the US has its own sets of unit values used under the imperial system, known as “US customary units.”

Note that the units taken in imperial system to measure quantities is different for same kind of thing than those in the metric system.

Pints in a Gallon According to US Customary System

Now let’s understand the relation between the two units to measure volume capacity: pint and gallon in US customary system.

1 gallon (gal) = 8 pints (p)

1 pint = 1/8 gallon (gal).

Therefore, a gallon of beer in the bottle, would be equal to 8 pints of beer. Accordingly, if any gas cylinder has a half gallon of gas; this would be equivalent to 4 pints of gas.

In the same way, 1pint of beer will be as same as 1/8-gallon beer and half a pint of gas is equal to 1/16 gallon of gas. Thus, it is clear that to convert gallons into pints you just have to multiply the number of gallons given to 8 to get the equivalent number of pints.

Pints in a Gallon According to UK Imperial System

Now let’s understand the relation between the two units to measure volume capacity: pint and gallon in UK imperial system.

1 gallon (gal) = 6.66 pints (p)

1 pint = 1/6.66 gallon (gal).

Here, note that the conversion system of imperial gallons to pints is currently in use in commonwealth countries for old recipes only. In the malls and restaurants there, people now follow the US customary conversion system of pints to gallon itself. As per Traditional Oven, currently only UK is still measuring volume capacity by using ‘6.66 pints in a gallon’ measurement.


While finding out liquid volume particularly, there are many other units available to measure it such as Quart, Cup, Tablespoon etc. Also, know that Gallon is the biggest unit while Teaspoon is the smallest unit to measure volume capacity. But mostly units like Gallon and Pint are used in the trade and as systemized measuring quantity. I hope you must have understood now how many pints in a gallon.