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Google’s new Smart TV coming soon, with new operating system features

Tech company Google is soon going to launch a new Smart TV to take a hit with several p companies in the TV segment, which will be equipped with an advanced user interface (UI) and operating system (OS). The new Google TV will be a replacement for Google Android TV in a way with a better operating system as well as great and advanced specifications.

Google’s new smart TV is going to be launched in the US first in the forthcoming March and can soon be launched worldwide, including India. In the coming time, people are going to see a better version of Android TV, which is ready to hand over two hands to other companies ‘ smart TVs, as well as to be in the market.

The most important thing about New Google TV is that it can be easily connected to other devices, including other smart TVs and set-top boxes. At the same time, it may be beneficial for the user that if they shortlist some OTT platform or channel according to their choice, they can watch a favorite film or show with the help of voice commands on Google TV and they can also get new shows from time to time on Google TV. At the moment, you can watch user entertainment shows and listen to music on Disney + Hotstar, Netflix and YouTube platforms on Google TV. With this TV in the coming time, even more OTT platforms can be found in-built.

It would not be appropriate to tell about the price of new Google TV at the moment and there is no idea about its possible price, so in the days to come, when Google is going to stop the world with the merits of its new smart TV, people can compare its price.

Let me tell you that Oppo is also going to launch its smart TV in India this year. At present, TVs of other smartphone companies including Realme, Nokia are also sold in India. This year, many more companies are going to register their presence in the TV segment in the Indian market.

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