Filterblade: Personalize and Download PoE loot filters. Optimized for NeverSink’s Filter

Filterblade: Personalize and Download PoE loot filters. Optimized for NeverSink’s Filter

What is Filterblade?

Filterblade is a free item drop filter customizing website.  This website works for the popular Game ‘Path of Exile.’  It is shortly known as PoE. Item filters were first introduced as an optional feature in the popular adult game ‘The Awakening,’ which gave an opportunity to the players to customize what they want to see when an item drops in the game. ‘The Awakening’ is the 2.0 Version of ‘Path of Exile’ in beta version.

How does Filterblade work?

A filter generally works with some set rules. The rules have some requirements and actions. Suppose when an item drops, the filtering action goes through all the rules from top to bottom.  When the item meets all the criteria of one of the requirements of the rules, it uses that rule’s actions. The search for the item stops after that. It means that every time a filtering action is run, every item can always be affected by only one single rule. 

FilterBlade saves the changes you are making with the filter. Those changes are continuously saved, and when you return to FilterBlade, on the overview screen, you can find a little box that would ask you if you want to load the saved data by clicking auto-saved changes.

What are the filtering options on Filterblade

The customizer for the filter is built not to fail or cause any damage to your filters. You can switch back and forth while customizing until you are satisfied with your filter. The filtering options of FilterBlade have customization option for: 

  • For general category

  • Vendor Recipes
  • Chancing Bases
  • Currency
  • Unique items
  • Divination Cards
  • Current League: Ritual
  • Expansion: Echoes of the Atlas


  • Endgame- General(after level 65+) category

  • High-Level crafting
  • Flasks
  • Jewels
  • Enchanted Items
  • Additional exotic and SSF rules


  • Maps and Map- like items category

  • Maps- General Configuration
  • Maps- Highlight and Hide
  • Map Fragments
  • Scarabs
  • Prophecy
  • Unique Maps


  • Endgame- Rare items category

  • Add custom Show/Hide rare endgame rules
  • T1 and T2: Handpicked Bases
  • T3 and T4: DropLevel Settings
  • Influenced Items


  • League- Specific Items category

  • Heist: Contracts
  • Heist: Rewards
  • Heist: Equipment
  • Harvest- Seeds & Co.
  • Delirium, Simulacrum&ClustersJewel
  • Blight- Oils, Blighted Maps
  • Legion- Incubators, Splinters
  • Betrayal- Veiled Mods
  • Delve- Resonators, Fossils, Mods
  • Incursion- Vials, Mods
  • Other Leagues


  • Leveling (Below level 65) category

  • Add custom show/hide leveling rules
  • Item progression
  • Colors and Links
  • Flask Sections
  • Leveling rares
  • Advanced: Finetune Settings


  • Miscellaneous  category

  • Identified Mod Filtering
  • Valuable Linked Items
  • Skill Gems
  • Misc. Items
  • Optional filter modules
  • Add additional show/hide rules

How to add filters on Filterblade?

There are multiple FilterBlade tutorial videos and textual guides that NeverSink uploads via Youtube and Tumblr, respectively. You can also check out some other YouTubers, who can provide you some insights about how to do filtering.

  • Engineering Eternity
  • DemiGodKing
  • TarkeCat

What are the advantages of using Filterblade?

You can create a specialized view of your item to focus on something important by using a filter. Customization allows you to modify the filter on your item as you wish to use it to your advantage. FilterBlade’s advanced features for filter customization has helped PoE users greatly.

  • User Interface

The user interface of FilterBlade is of Beta version.  The homepage opens directly into the Overview menu page, which provides all the options about filtering items and other vital features that you can use during PoE.

  • Categorization  of the website

There are two frames that are categorized with menus that can open into inner pages.  While the header of the interface is categorized with FilterBlade (home Page), News, FAQ, About us, and Profile, the header’s menubar frame is classified in Overview, Customize, Simulate, Style, Advanced, Save & Load, Download.

  • Useful PoE tools

There are some reliable PoE tools you can use to level up your game.

  • site consumes Path of Exile’s API constantly, which helps in keeping track of all the essential items for sale. The data is analyzed and aggregated to approximate exchange rates between currencies and prices of items. 

The aggregation contains various steps to counteract the price manipulation, which is attempted by some sellers. The price developments over time can be tracked by the data that gets auto-saved in the history of the browser. The updated exchange rates and prices are sent directly to your browser after they get packaged.

  • Trade Macro

PoE TradeMacro is an AutoHotkey shortly known as AHK script that provides several convenient QoL features for PoE trading. It is built on top of PoE-ItemInfo. PoE-ItemInfo offers vital information about the items by pressing Ctrl=c.  You can check pricing with TradeMacro, which is added via alt+d, alt+shift+d, or alt+i. You can open the item’s wiki page by pressing alt+W or open an item search on instead of opening alt+q.

You should never completely trust the price checking tool, at least not before gathering information about the tool yourself as to what the tool can do or what it can’t. You can use average pricing tools to check the prices first before judging the accuracy of the tool based on the right or wrong results. If you are still doubtful about the tool, you can make an inquiry about it from other people or do some manual checks.


Poelab allows the players of Path of Exile to decide whether it’s too risky to run it on that day or to determine whether the daily content will help achieve any reward. It helps in quickly identifying the layouts and exit points to improve the racing performance for the leaderboard. The players can quickly navigate their way to the end in order to ascend to the top.

  • Poe wiki

Poe wiki performs just like Wikipedia for Path of Exile to get information about items and item filters. 

  • Sound Packs

The community members have helped in providing the sound pack that can be used as custom sounds. Most of the custom sounds are of the popular community figures or famous players. Here are some of the streams that FilterBlade has.

  1. Asuzara
  2. Bex
  3. Brittleknee
  4. Chistor
  5. GhazzyTV
  6. Golaya
  7. ItsYoji
  8. Mathil
  9. SlipperyJim
  10. Stefan Gold
  11. Gilbertamie
  12. Veskara
  13. Zizaran

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  • How to install the custom drop sounds?

NeverSink has made a tutorial video to cover the basics of how to use FilterBlade in order to install custom drop sounds. The video can cover many of your questions. Each item drop can have only one filter alert sound or no sound. After editing, if you hear your sound, you have done everything alright and in order, and if you hear another sound, a different one at the same time, you must be hearing the default sound. You can disable those sounds by disabling the ‘Drop checkbox in the sound UI.’ Although, there are some sounds that can’t be removed.

  • What’s the difference between filter download and sync-to-poe?

The download filter gives you the filter file, while the sync-to-poe feature allows you to save the filter in your POE-account. After that, you find your filter in the game settings, but if it’s not showing, click the refresh button first.  POE account login is safe, so you can go ahead with creating your account.

  • What’s the difference between ‘Save with PoE’and sync-to-poe?

You will need to use “Save with PoE”, which will store your FilterBlade customization ‘saveState’ on FilterBlade. That would help you customize later or update the customized filter to make it into a newer version.  Sync-to-PoE simply saves the current state of your filter into your PoE account. That way, you can use it in Game instead of using a local filter file. Sync-to-PoE lacks the feature of customization data that FilterBlade requires.

  • Does the sync-to-poe feature auto-update?

No. Unless you upload a new version from FilterBlade, PoE-synced filters stay the same. It is recommended to do it once a month for normal filters or at least before starting a new league.

  • Does the sync-to-poe feature support custom sounds?

Yes, but you would need to place the custom sounds into the filter folder in your system. Just for you to know, the users who would subscribe to your filter via PoE ladder would not get the sounds automatically.

  • How does the login with my PoE account work?

Logging into the PoE account is a secure action since OAuth is secured, just like signing in with Facebook.  You should only enter your password on the official PoE website, and it would never leave the site.