Compress Your PDF File with GogoPDF

Compress Your PDF File with GogoPDF

Some PDF files cannot be uploaded and shared, or even accessed, because of their large file size. Sometimes, the file is too big that programs and applications could not accommodate the document. The typical reason for this is that there are a lot of fonts stored inside the documents, and there are images of high definition or with large file sizes as well. 

This issue can be helped, and you do not have to bother adjusting the format of your PDF document. You can compress your PDF file and reduce its file size. The quality of the original PDF file will be retained, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to its condition. Your file will only be compressed. With that, you would not have to face issues relating to filing size or incompatibility. You can open and share PDF files with ease. Plus, your PDFs would take up less storage space, and they would be easier to upload to the Internet.

Where to compress PDF files?

As PDF is currently one the widely used file format in this time, there is a lot of software and websites booming that offer PDF tools. Some services aren’t for free, but most of them are free of charge and accessible with any internet browser. Most of these services can be found online on sites that have web-based PDF tools. Among all the sites available, the best site to check out is GogoPDF. It is so convenient, easy to use, and it is free!

GogoPDF has a selection of tools that can attend to anything PDF-related may it service for repair, optimization, file organization, file viewing and editing, e-signing, conversion, security, and file compression. GogoPDF has it all! And you would not have to do much aside from uploading the file to their server because the site would do all the work! It would only take three steps, and in less than a minute, your PDF file is compressed and ready for download! They compress your scanned PDF files to as small as 144 dpi, which will make it easier for you to upload your files to the web and through email. Great, right?

The PDF Compressor of GogoPDF features a hassle-free way to compress pdf and reduce the file size while still getting maximum resolution of the PDF. It retains the layout and format of the original file even if the file has undergone compression. Rest assured, your PDF file will come out with the best quality possible. Here’s a more detailed step-by-step instruction.

Steps to Compress PDF Files With GogoPDF

1. Upload your PDF File

The first thing to do once you are on the GogoPDF site is to go to the respective toolbox, in our case, the Compress PDF tool. Click the Compress Tab to start.

To begin with, we will have to upload the PDF file you intend to compress. Click the Select Files button, and a File Library window of your device will appear. Select the file and then click Open. 

If the PDF file is located in online storage sites like Google Drive and Dropbox, you can upload them directly from these sites. In this way, you would not have to download them to your device and then upload them afterward. It would save you a lot of time and trouble. To do this, click the Google Drive or Dropbox button and sign in with your account.

The last option to upload your PDF file is to drag and drop it to the server. This is only applicable if you are on the desktop. 

2. Wait for the file compression

While your file is being uploaded and processed, all you need to do in this step is to wait. After it is loaded, the server will immediately start compressing your PDF file. It would typically take a few seconds to a minute based on the size of the file and your internet speed. Nonetheless, the site will work fast while still giving the most efficient performance. 

When the compression process is complete, you will be redirected to another page, and your file will be ready to be saved to your device! So sit back and relax!

3. Download the compressed PDF file

Finally, on the last step! Here, your PDF file is now compressed and the file size is reduced. It is ready for download and can be saved on your device, either on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. Just click the Download button. 

And if you wish to save the PDF file back to your Google Drive or Dropbox storage, you can also do that by clicking their buttons to upload the file directly back there. 

As GogoPDF has many options in saving the file, there are also options when it comes to PDF file sharing. The site also generates a shareable link for you to send your file to many. May it be your schoolmates, officemates, and others. This makes file sharing so convenient and fast because you do not have to send the file one by one, you have to send the link to them, and they can download the file just like you did!

You can also send the file via email with a personal message by entering the required information like your email address and the recipient.

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PDF file compression is made easy with GogoPDF! No doubt, the best place to reduce the file size of your PDF files without having to downgrade the quality of your document. 

And when it comes to the security of your file, there is no need to worry because GogoPDF takes extra care of all the data and files that come into their server with their privacy policy and tight security system. Everything uploaded is deleted after one hour.

Feel free to explore their other tools whenever you need to deal with PDF-related issues. You can count on GogoPDF and its services! Spread the word to your friends and workmates. They might need this tool too!