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Apple launches upcoming foldable iPhone screen testing

The demand for folding smartphones is increasing worldwide. The Foldable smartphone market has emerged as samsung leading smartphone company. But Samsung’s folding smartphones are going to get a strong bump soon, as the premium smartphone maker Apple has begun preparing for the launch of the folding smartphone. Apple has started testing the prototype of the foldable iPhone screen. It is also reported that the model of iPhone 12 has been passed in the first testing.

Touch ID support

According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple has approved the testing of screen prototypes of the folding iPhone. But it is not yet decided whether the company will move forward with the same prototype of the iPhone. It is also not known whether the prototype of the foldable iPhone will be included in the lineup for the year 2021. The new line-up of the Apple iPhone model can support fingerprint scanning and touch ID in the display. Facial recognition technology can be removed. sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed error is normal issue in mac.

What will happen in the phone special

Apple has filed a number of patents for foldable smartphone designs in recent times. Last year, the company had approved the pentant of the folding Smartpon Hinge. This hinge will be at the bottom of the screen. According to the leaked report, the screen can be diverted from the middle in the design of the folding smartphone. The phone’s display will have a horizontal fold. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphone can be horizond. It has a 6.2-inch screen. According to apple’s foldable phone prototype, the screen of the existing iPhone model will be larger than the 6.7-inch screen.

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