Alcatel one touch charger problems

Alcatel one touch charger problems

When a person starts to act in a way that it hasn’t before, the person starts to blame or tries to find faults in the sources through which it has been bought or charged, this situation usually occurs when the battery of the phone does not seem to charge, the consumer starts to assume that the trouble is with the charger or because the battery has expired or damaged. 

The first thing that the consumer needs to know is that there are many other issues in the phone that can be the cause of the phone not getting charged. A smartphone works on either software and a hardware component, in these setups there are specific components dedicated to the charging agenda of the device, the trouble-causing the charging disturbing might just be a temporary issue that the smartphone might be facing. Here, we are going to help you out with some solutions which might help you get your phone into its normal state without any trouble. 

How to fix an Alcatel Charger problem? Firstly, we can look at any hardware-related troubles in the device. 

  1. The very first thing that the consumer could do is to clean their charging portal of the dust or debris stuck in them. It can cause the charger to charge the device slower than usual. It is a small part of the charging component which connects the phone to its charger. But if there is damage in the socket where the charger is plugged in the phone might have trouble charging, as it would not allow the phone to get charged. But if the socket and the plug of the charger have worn out or been damaged due to overuse then the user will have to get it changed. 
  2. The user can try to fix the issue by trying to plug it into a different power source. If in case the power source is causing the trouble. 
  3. One of the most known reasons for the phone not charging is when the adapter has become old and does not charge the device. So, the user could try using another adapter to check the trouble. But if the adapter is working fine then the user could try and change the cable, in case the trouble is with the cable being unable to connect to the phone. 
  4. Then there is the battery which might be causing the trouble, the user could try using a different battery for the device as the battery has a limited life, so it has reached its limit then it will charge the phone slower than usual. 

Now we can look at the possible software trouble in the device, in case none of the above-mentioned fixes do not work. 

  1. The first issue can be with the phone using too much power from the battery which might be the reason behind the charger not able to charge the battery as the power is depleting during use. So, the user can put the phone on airplane mode to charge the device faster and do not use the phone while it is kept to charge. The user should also check for the app that has heavy battery draining activity. 
  2. A much simpler way to get the phone to charge would be to reboot the device. A software glitch when the user has plugged in the charger but the phone does not recognize the activity can be solved by simply rebooting the device, the trouble would be solved.
  3. Apps that might be downloaded might cause a conflict, creating trouble with the device not charging. Find such apps and if possible, get rid of them from one’s device. 
  4. This issue can also be caused by apps that are not updated, so the user could update all the apps on his or her device and then try to check the charging activity.  It will be much easier if the user could keep the app store on an auto-update mode, and then the problem would be solved for a long time. 
  5. Other than apps the software also requires to be updated in time, so the user should go and check in the settings for any pending software updates, and update them. 

These might be some reasons causing such trouble in charging the smartphone, the user could try these fixes provided above, to get their phones back on track. And use them as they were before.

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