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Airtel users be careful, 25 lakh users’ data leaked

Airtel users need to be vigilant. According to a recent report, the data of Airtel numbers has been leaked. This includes information such as users ‘ number, name, address, city, Aadhaar card number and gender. It is said that hackers have retained data of over 2.5 million users or 2.5 lakh users. However, hackers say they have data from all Airtel users in India and want to sell it. If this happens, it can prove to be a danger bell for Airtel users.

According to ians report, the data dump details have been verified that many of them belong to Airtel users. Internet security Resercher Rajasekhara Rajharia has informed about this. Hackers have interacted with the Airtel security team and tried to blackmail them. The hackers have demanded bitcoins of 3500 dollars from them. However, when they were not considered, they made the users ‘ data available to sail on the dark web. They had created a website for this. Here he also showed a sample of users ‘ data. He also informed that the sample data of 2.5 lakh Airtel users is from one area of Jammu and Kashmir. The hacker who uploaded the users ‘ data works in the name of Red Rabbit Team.

As per reports, this website is no longer available. Rajasekhara Rajharia said that the data link which is no longer available has now been made available on another link. The hacker dumped the data on the public platform and not on the dark web. It has also been said that airtel users ‘ numbers may not have been leaked from the system and server. This data is likely to be leaked from any other source. These may include government agencies that can access telecom data in view of security.

Airtel said in a statement, “it is a matter of pride for the company to maintain the security of privacy of its users and implement various measures for it. We confirm that there is no data breach on our part.

In fact, there are mistakes in the claims made by this group. Airtel is not a major part of the data they have leaked. The company has conveyed the matter to the concerned authorities.

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