Adding Page Numbers On Your PDF Files Made Easier By PDFBear

Adding Page Numbers On Your PDF Files Made Easier By PDFBear

Did you know that you can add pages, not only to MS Word files but also to PDF files? Yes, it is made possible by this popular web-based platform, PDFBear. Editing PDF documents may not be that easy but PDFBear has provided its users with a user-friendly interface that would make PDF processes easier and convenient. One of the most important features related to PDF is adding page numbers to it.

In this article, we will be amazed at how easy it is to add page numbers to pdf without altering the quality of your PDF document. As you go through the entire article also, you will change your mind about looking at other online tools because PDFBear has it all for you.

What’s In It For You with PDFBear’s Adding Page Numbers to your PDF files?

It would probably cross your mind, how easy is it to add page numbers to your PDF file using PDFBear, right? Well, most people right now are now familiar with converting PDF files because of the security of your files. But not everyone is familiar with adding page numbers to make it easier for you to locate a piece of specific information in your PDF file. PDFBear made it easier for you to add page numbers to your PDF file without any complicated steps, much more it doesn’t cost you anything because you do not need any paid software in doing it. It also gave its users the option to set the range of the page numbers, like from what page it should start up until what page it would end.

How To Use PDFBear’s Add Page Number Feature?

Did you know that adding page numbers to your PDF file is not as complicated as you think it would be? Yes, that’s right. And one of the most important requirements to complete adding page numbers to your PDF file is a stable internet connection to avoid delays. Also, as mentioned above, PDFBear will not complicate this process because they have provided its users with four easy steps which are easy to understand and follow. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner, you will be able to do it by just following the steps provided.

On your web browser, visit PDFBear’s home page. Once you are not on their link, click ‘All Tools’ and then under the ‘View and Edit PDF’ option, choose ‘Number Pages’.

Four Steps in Adding Pages to your PDF File:

  1.   As mentioned, make sure that you are on the Add Number Pages screen where you will see a blue box. Choose ‘Select File’ that you would like to add the page numbers to. Or you can simply do the drag and drop technique that will be a lot faster, just drag the file and then drop it in the processing box.
  2.   Next, you have to wait for your PDF file to be uploaded and this wouldn’t take long.
  3.   And then, you have the option to choose where you would like the page numbers to appear on your PDF file. And not only that, PDFBear provided you with the option to choose your preferred font style to customize the page number style. Also, if you want to choose where you want the page number to start, you can do so in this third step. For example, if you would want to start adding page numbers on the second page, just customize that the first page will be the cover page. With that being chosen, the second page will be your first page in numbering.
  4.   When you’re done adding the page numbers and customizing according to your chosen style, click the ‘Number Pages’ button and there you have it, you have just completed adding page numbers to your PDF file with the big help of PDFBear. Just download the modified file and then save it on your chosen device, it can be on your smartphone or computer.

Are Your Uploaded/Downloaded PDF Files Safe with PDFBear?

Although PDFBear is a free online platform that can assist you with your PDF files, its system is one of their highlights making them the most popular online tool. PDFBear strictly complies with a high standard of security to preserve the confidentiality of its users.  PDFBear can assure its users that their files are 100 % safe and secure because they adopted SSL encryption. Also, PDFBear’s system automatically deletes their users’ downloaded PDF files after one hour. This will keep your worries away from hackers being able to intrude into your files to prevent fraudulent transactions online.

How Flexible Is PDFBear to Its Users?

Well, yes, PDFBear can be accessed using Linux, Mac, and Windows. That’s how flexible PDFBear is. And its flexibility doesn’t end there. As mentioned earlier, PDFBear can be utilized by students and professionals because the steps that they provide on their page are all quick and easy to follow and understand. Moreover, it is not limited to desktops or laptops because you can also use PDFBear using your iOS or Android devices. Also, users have unrestricted access even if they are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other web browsers.

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Probably after you go through this article, you will feel relieved that PDFBear can make your life easier. Adding page numbers to PDF files doesn’t have to take a lot of time because PDFBear can process it for you in no time, it wouldn’t even take an hour to complete. Not only that, all of these amazing features are for free. Just always remember, before starting the entire process of adding page numbers, go to a place where the internet is stable.

Also, adding page numbers on your PDF files is not the only thing that PDFBear can do for you. It can do a lot more! Feel free to visit PDFBear’s website and explore the other features that might be useful for you in the future.