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39,000 games removed from China Apple stores due to non-display of licenses

Apple removed 39,000 game apps on its China store on Thursday, the largest ever removal in a day, as it set a deadline for all game publishers to get licenses by the end of the year. Action was taken to prevent unlicensed games of the Chinese authority.

Apple removed total of 46,000 apps

Apple has also removed more than 46,000 apps from its store with 39,000 games. According to research firm Qimai, the action-affected games included games like Ubisoft title Asians Crid identity and NBA 2K20.

Qimai also said that out of the top 1,500 paid games available at the Apple Store, only 74 purses have now been saved. However, Apple has not officially given any cleanliness over the action.

Deadline till 31st December

Apple had initially given game publishers a final deadline to submit license numbers issued by the government to enable them to make in-app purchases in the world’s largest sports market at the end of June. The company later extended the deadline till December 31.
China’s Android App Store has complied with the rules on licensing. It is not clear why Apple is enforcing them more vigorously this year.

No flaws, so this step was taken

Analysts said the move was not surprising as Apple continues to take such steps to close loopholes to come in line with China’s content regulators.
The move means only accepting paid games that have a game license, says Toad Kuhns of AppintChina.

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